5 Types Of Necklaces Every Lady Should Have In Her Jewellery Box


Why do Do Do we need necklaces? After putting on turtle necks and full sleeves now it’s time to flaunt your beauty bone and an elegant necklace on it just increases the beauty of its look in several folds. All generations might agree to the fact that necklaces may be heavy or just a pendant, put on quite a show to the beauty bone of yours.

Choosing the right necklace is important because fashion is the way you appear, you don’t dress up well just because people will be looking at you but you have to dress in a way that you would fall in love with yourself.

We need to know the trending styles and update ourselves regularly because of the best way you present yourself to society, the number of people admiring you increases.

Types Of Necklaces in 2022

If you go to a meeting with shabby and untidy clothes or mid-assembled styles nobody is going to think you to be that worthy to be heard or paid attention to but if you look presentable and neat and updated, people will not only pay attention but admire your work too. Fashion acts as an impression if you are fashionable people have a good impression in their mind from the moment they see you.

So let’s update you about the trends.

1. Necklace with beads

This type of necklace is a mixture of all kinds of trends you can use pearls as beads in this necklace, shells or gems, or just white stones. This goes with all the types of outfits may it western or ethnic.

Samples of beaded necklaces

This type of necklace has all colors of beads in it, you can either match it with any of your dresses or bags or you can just go vogue. This necklace can set a wild impression in the mind of the viewer. You can also wear it with chifbell embellished sarees.

The above beaded necklace

This necklace is highly recommended to wear with a western dress. This necklace represents a spiral body structure and has a very modest color. The color of the necklace is very submissive and goes with all kinds of shoes or bags but I would personally prefer it with a western look.

The above spiral body beaded necklace

This beautiful beaded necklace is a mixture of two trends it has beads that resemble pearls. This gives slight hints of wildness because the colorful beads in between the pearl-like beads and the white beads in it present a wild sense of elegance and a sassy look to the person wearing it. You can wear it with a kurta or a saree of light color. You can also wear it with goes and western jeans and satin or any kind of fancy tops. In other words, it’s the most versatile kind of necklace.

2. Tennis necklaces

This type of necklace is preferred by women who prefer to wear loads of sparkle around them and they prefer a classy and elegant look rather than wild or chick. But what problem do you face if you wear more than one necklace?- it might get messy at the back you might develop a rash and why bother investing in more than one necklace if the tennis style brings you the look of the more thone necklace in a single investment!!

Samples of tennis necklace

This beautiful necklace has the sparkle of a diamond in it as well as the shine of gold in it this can be worn with a high georgette kanjivaram silk or bananas silk sarees or any silk with a heavy zari work in it.

Above tennis necklace

This beautiful piece of art is a mixture of some beautifully blending light colors and the shine of gold in it. The golden shine adds a classy look to the outfit.

These types of necklaces are made up of 14 karat gold and a hint of white diamond-like stones in them. This gives you a perfect 90s look when you wear it with a saree and a blazer in it. It gives you a wonderful retro look and it’s just $4500 and very little effort to obtain a retro look.

3. Pearl Necklaces

If you want a perfect piece to suit all the outfits u put on then a pearl necklace is the one you are looking so long.

This above necklace has shiny white, rose pink as well as rose-purple color pearls in it this goes with whatever you wear. You can match a pair of earrings or bracelets with them. This piece adds a very classy and graceful look to your outfit of the day.

Above pearl necklace

This necklace has a pendant of pearl and the body is made of gold plating the shine and the representation of the pearl pendant do its magic on the people who see it. It provides a classy elegance as well as a chick look to the outfit. You can wear it with jeans and tops as well as in gowns as suits like blazers for an official look.

These necklaces never go out of fashion no matter what generation you are in, you can have a diamond necklace and pass it over to your coming generations and be sure that they would like it too. While it’s quite an investment, it’s worth it.

When you wear a necklace with a pendant of diamond carved in it and the necklace is silver plated, well you become the main attraction of the room right at that moment people do not just admire your necklace they admire your sense of styling and fashion. And added to that, this pendant necklace goes with any assemble

Above diamond necklace

If you feel that wearing just a pendant is very simple or not enough and u need more glam in your outfit you can go for the chain of diamonds where the middle stones are the largest and the size decreases if you go towards the extremes. Since diamonds themselves are so versatile they go with all the outfits no matter if you are wearing it as a pendant or as a tennis necklace.

4. Disc necklace

This kind of disc necklace is usually recommended to youngsters with a western outfit. May it be a shirt with trousers and some work boots, or some formal uniform or jeans and a fancy top. You can gift it to people you love as a souvenir. This will be just the best present for someone who wants to dress simply and isn’t that fashionable. It’s a simple chick style a little bit gracious and has a command on your outfit.

This disc necklace is loaded with white stone which looks like a diamond and the chain, it is attached to has the shine of gold this combo goes around announcing the wonderful sense of styling you have.

Above disc pendant

This disc necklace is in the shape of a medallion this might look weird to some but take my word for this when I say it’s just gonna fit in perfectly when you wear it with jeans and a simple top.

5. Chain Necklaces

This necklace is a number one trend for 2020 it is a link necklace that comes in chains of connected paper clips like units or beads like units. No matter what, these chains are loved and purchased in high numbers by the generation of these days. It represents a sign of rebel and wildness. The vibrant vibe spreads all over the room amongst the youngsters.

This bulky link chain is a mixture of link as well as diamond necklaces the small sand diamonds carved on the chain just intensify the elegance of this chain to infinite levels. No one can look elegant while having a rebel look on oneself.


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