15 Best Shoes To Wear With Skinny Jeans


Shoes are the best accessory to wear and style the outfit in the best possible way. Shoes make the look more flawless and stylish without making much effort. Shoes should be chosen according to the outfits and occasion. If you are confused with your skinny jeans and shoes, then read our detailed list of shoes to wear with skinny jeans.

And skinny jeans is never out of trend. You can wear them anywhere or on any occasion. Skinny jeans are the solution to the biggest problem of all the women out there and that problem is none other than what to wear? You can wear skinny jeans as casual wear, pairing with a party wear top, and on any normal outing with family or friends. But this will make your look effortless and seamless.

But this is not a problem for all women but also for all men. Skinny jeans will give your body a body-hugging fit and give you a curvy look. Other than that, skinny jeans and shoes will make your look sophisticated. Denim is never an old school trend, it always enhances the look when paired properly. It is mandatory to pair the best shoes with skinny jeans.

Why is it important to choose the right shoes with skinny jeans?

It is always important to opt for perfect shoes with jeans. Because you can’t go for baggy jeans and sandals. But baggy jeans and sneakers look perfect. And also this point is to be noted that shoes are also the accessory that enhances the look as well as destroys the look. So choosing the correct shoe is necessary. I know that it is always difficult for men and women to select the right shoes with the best skinny jeans.

Best Shoes To Wear With For Skinny Jeans

Here we are, to help you out. I come up with the 15 best shoes to pair with skinny jeans. And also will provide you with a quick style tip that helps you to make your look perfect for any occasion or outfit.

1. Chunky boots

These chunky ankle boots always look classy when paired with the optimum shade of skinny fit jeans. The model is pairing it with grey jeans and a knitted top with a black bag. But you can choose according to you.

Pro tip: Blacktop with light blue shade skinny jeans and a pair of black boots, a little sling black bag makes you ready for any casual day look.

2. Women black heels

Women black skinny jeans with black heels are perfect to kill any formal as well as party look. This black and white sweater top is adding sparkle to this look.

Pro tip: As this look is perfect and my tip is just that wear this outfit when there is mixed weather of hot and cold.

3. Men casual sneakers

Men sneakers with fitted skinny jeans are perfect for a casual day-to-day casual look. Black shoes with white lace on it enhance its beauty. These are the best shoes to kill a casual look.

Pro tip: Sneakers with dark denim and checked shirt on it makes the look complete.

4. Women flats

Flats are always comfortable. This leopard print flats with a black bow on it when paired properly with skinny black jeans make you look so chic.

Pro tip: Pair these printed flats with black skinny jeans and an animal print shirt to give it a sophisticated look.

5. Above knee boots

Above knee boots never fail to astonish you with its look. This is the best shoe to wear in cold weather with skinny jeans.

Pro tip: In my opinion, the blazer which you are wearing should match the color of your boots.

6. Pink pencil sandals

This pink pointed heels with white skinny jeans add to its beauty. This is a formal outfit with calm shades in it that makes the look quite simple yet stylish.

Pro tip: This look is just perfect, but in hot weather, you can also go for white jeans, pink heels, and any satin shirt without a blazer.

7. White sneakers

White sneakers are quite trending nowadays and it increases the beauty of the look when paired with skinny fit jeans.

Pro tip: When you are buying white sneakers I must say you will go for sneakers with heels and also a good belt is perfect for this kind of outfit.

8. Brown Ankle boots

Checked shirt, skinny jeans with ankle boots, sunglasses, black hat, and jacket tied on waist giving us major vacation vibes. These brown boots with skinny jeans make the look cool.

Pro tip: As this is a vacation outfit go for a bigger size of the bag.

9. White flat shoes

I guess this simple top, white shoes paired with skinny dark denim and that shrug on it makes the college look comfortable yet stylish.

Pro tip: You can go for a scarf instead of a shrug in winter to protect yourself from cold and will make the look more stylish.

10. Workwear heels

This look makes you any meeting or conference ready. Black heels with skinny jeans make you look like a businesswoman.

Pro tip: In my opinion, you shouldn’t go for a black blazer with this outfit. And while wearing this type of heels you must go for ankle-length skinny jeans.

11. Light shade heels

Tempered skinny jeans are currently trending nowadays. When paired with the right top and shoes makes them look sophisticated and comfortable. These light shade heels are winning hearts with its shade and look.

Pro tip: Add a black belt with a white sling bag to complete the look.

12. Big brown uggs

This baggy uggs paired with a white top and light blue skinny jeans with a sprinkle of beanie and poncho make the look so chic.

Pro tip: You can also go for a denim jacket instead of a poncho.

13. The black party wears boots

This party look consists of a red sheer flare top accompanied with black boots and skinny leather jeans that look so elegant. And as we all know leather pants are in trend nowadays and always make you party-ready when paired with the right top and shoes.

Pro tip: If you can’t go for such a bold top. You can select accordingly. But such kind of flare top really makes you look party-ready.

14. Comfy loafers

This comfy loafer, when paired with skinny jeans, a simple top or a shirt with a jacket or blazer on it, makes the look so comfortable and make you ready for your college as well as any casual outing.

Pro tip: As loafers are for both men and women both. You wear a loafer of your sibling of another gender.

15. Flip flops

Here, is the last look of flip flops with skinny tempered jeans. This is last but not the least. If u ask me then another name of flip flops then it must be comforting. It can kill any casual and college outfit.

It is stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Pro tip: Just pair it with anything you want to but it should be of good quality.

Here is the list of the 15 best shoes to wear with skinny. You saw the different shoes and how they can be appropriately paired with skinny jeans.

I also gave you pro tips with every outfit you had seen above and I really hope it will help you in making your style statement accordingly. But you must agree that most of the shoes when paired with the right skinny jeans, will make the look stylish and elegant.

Now, I have to select my favorite among these 15 shoes paired with skinny jeans, and the one which I like the most is those pink pencil heels paired with white skinny jeans. And let me know yours too.


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