How To Trim Your Eyebrows – The Complete Guide

How To Trim Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are an integral part of our face and help us to look better if the eyebrows are sharp and to the point. No matter how designer clothes we are wearing and how beautiful our hairs are? If eyebrows are not on point, it can ruin the entire look.

So, it is vital to trim hair, and regular maintenance is essential. Well-groomed hair enhances the look. All though it didn’t require much time to cut and groom your brow hairs accordingly.

Eye-brows are also required to give shape to your face, and you should also trim your eyebrows according to the shape of your face. Don’t ever make the mistake of plucking your brows to redefine them. Trust me, you will regret it. Eye-brows also plays an essential role in giving facial expressions. So, eye-brows are also a means of communication. When we wanted to have an eye-lift, we need to go through various surgeries, but with proper eyebrow shaping, it looks like you have gone through an eye-lift and also gives you little change in your appearance.

How To Trim Your Eyebrows – A Step by Step Guide

Now, after all this we come to knew that eye-brow shaping and trimming are necessary, but the question arises how we could do it?

Relax! And don’t worry about it we are here to help you out. Here, presenting you the complete guide on how to trim your eyebrows?


Different eyebrow shapes according to your face shape

  1.  Long and rectangular face – If you have long and rectangular face goes for structured eye-brow shape with angled arches for a smaller look.
  2.  Oval face – If you have a high forehead, large eyes and lips go for thicker and contoured eyebrows.
  3.  Heart-shaped face – If you have faced with sharp angles, complement it with soft, rounded arch to give it a natural look.
  4.  Square faced shape – Trim your eye-brows with angles peak to give your square-shaped face close look.
  5.  Oblong face – For, oval face opt for shorter brows to give plump to your face.
  6.  Diamond-shaped face – For diamond-shaped look, always prefer flat eye-brows to get the best results.

A Guide to Trim Your Eye Brows

Here is a step by step guide to trim your eyebrows with easy to use tools.

Trimming with scissors

Everyone is curious about how to trim eye-brows hair with scissors? So, here is a quick tutorial of how to do it by sitting at your home also and how to trim and shape eyebrows? 

Tools required

Eye-brow scissors, Disposable mascara wand or spoolie brush, and slant tweezers.

Step 1 – Take an eye-brow pencil to map to your brow shape. Starting from the side of your nose to the inner edge of your nose.

Angle the pen to the farther outer corner of your eyebrows. These lines and angles are quite necessary to trim your eyebrows properly without any mistake.

Step 2 – Firstly, take a brush to straighten your eyebrows from the inner side to the end of arches in an upward direction repeatedly. We brush the eyebrows in the direction in which they grow up. Some brow hairs grow in a downward trend so trim it by rolling the brush downwards. To prevent your brows from cutting too short, use a brush to hold it on an upward path and then cut the required eyebrows.

Step 3 – Cut your excessive eye-brow hairs. If your eyebrows is very short, don’t trim them more often instead just shape it.

Step 4 – When the need for plucking hair arises, pluck hair in the direction of their hair growth.

Step 5 – Repeat it on another brow.

Note – Various make-up artists and professionals recommended that it is better to massage the eye-brow area before taking a hot bath or plucking the eyebrows. Also, don’t ever use your beard trimmer to cut down your eyebrows.

Usage of the correct products

Proper trimming of your eyebrows is very important and also if you are trimming your eyebrows at home then brow products will play an essential role in it. Correct usage of products and its proper application will make eye-brows look sharp and beautiful. To give your face a defined and proper look clear eyebrows is a way to do it. Always try to enhance or get back your natural eye-brow shape which suited you best and try to maintain it.


Here, is the complete tutorial of how to properly trim your eye-brows at home step- by – step and that too with pictured which gives you proper vidual of how to do it without any mistake and with this articles you also come to knew about the importance of trimming and maintaining your brows and how a little eye-brows can make or ruin your entire look. I hope you are satisfied with it and it will help you out whenever you have decided to cut your eyebrows.


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