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Women all over the world (now men too) search for cosmetics skincare and personal hygiene products more frequently than any other product. I know everyone can agree to this. But what do we exactly want when we search for a product online or offline?

It should be productive, giving us the result we expect, it shouldn’t be reactive to the skin, it shouldn’t have any side effects, and most importantly it should be organic and not contain chemicals. But do we have such brands that might satisfy all the criteria?

Yes, we do, if you are looking for the above criteria farmasi is just the right brand for you.

This brand has originally come from Turkey. This turkey born beauty brand is in the lead amongst the brand of its country. There are around more than three million posts on its hashtag and many videos on tutorials and reviews on YouTube. It serves the purpose of looking beautiful and has products that can give you just the right shades of tan as well. It includes makeup skincare and personal hygiene products that are organic, as well as, are manufactured in-house.

Everything About Farmasi Brand

This brand prefers ingredients that are natural and have a good aura like rose, calendula, and aloe.

  • FOUNDED BY: Dr. Cavet Tuna, 2004
  • ORIGINATED IN: Istanbul, Turkey
  • LOVED BY COSTUMERS FOR best own for makeup bath and body care and skincare at an affordable price.
  • MOST POPULAR PRODUCT: Sunkiss bronzing powder, stay matte foundation
  • IMPORTANT FACT: All the manufacturing and the packaging of the product are done in-house and the water used is obtained from the local wells I.e. the underground water.

The founder of this amazing brand is Dr Cavet Tuna. This was first originated and circulated in the countries of Turkey and Istanbul. This brand is best known for its makeup, body and bath care, and skincare products, and most importantly it is affordable to everyone. Some of the most popular products are the sunkissed bronze foundation that can be used to show a little tanning on your skin and stay matte foundation it’s just used as a concealer. The manufacturing is done by the local people in their houses and the water used is the underground water that is drawn from the wells in the locality.

This brand appears to remain obscure in the stateside but it is one of the leading and highest cosmetic products synthesizing the brand of Turkey. Along with Turkey, the brand has expanded its arms towards Europe and now produces more than one million skincare products to date.

Farmasi Best Products

As concerned with the history of this brand, the name is the brand Farmasi because the brand first started as a pharmaceutical company which later developed into cosmetics and personal hygiene producing company in the ‘50s. But since it made and sold its first product under its name ‘farmasi’ in 2004, this is considered to be its foundation year.

Along with the awesome products it produces, it’s also a supporter of animal rights and ethical treatments hence it does not perform any kind of experiments or testing on animals.

It is also an MLM (multi-level marketing) company. For those who don’t know about it, it appoints beauty influencers to distribute and promote its products for profit. (sellers get 50% profit based on each product they sell to the customers).

The annual gross revenue for entrepreneurs is projected to be anywhere between $500 and $2000. Please note: The numbers do not represent the expenses associated with the building of Farmasi business, which would exceed the commission received”.

For those who are wondering why they don’t know about this brand, It started shipping to states in 2019 only.

1. FARMASI MAKE UP Sun Kiss Bronzing powder

This is a bronze powder that puts up a natural-looking tan on the skin you apply it on. This is a thin and moisture and oil-free powder natural-looking as shimmer or glitter in it. This powder is so thin that it makes your skin tan look natural and seductive

How to apply?

You can use this powder directly on the skin on your moisturizer or any skin powder.

Product code: 1302499

2. FARMASI MAKE UP Pro To Fit Eyeshadow Primer

The eyeshadow intensifies the color and lasts longer in your eyes. It serves as a very smooth canvas like area for the application of the eyeshadows. It’s not only non-transferable and lets your eye shadow last longer but it’s also easily affordable.

Product Code: 1301490

3. FARMASI MAKE UP VFX Pro Camera Ready Foundation

If you are looking for a perfect finish foundation to highlight all the pigments and blemishes in your face then you should go for it!! After u fall into some of the YouTube tutorials you’ll know that this product serves its purpose just fine.

Product Code: 1300004

4. FARMASI MAKE UP VFX Pro Strobe Cream

If you’re a sucker for a dupe, this illuminating primer is similar to MAC’s fan-favorite Strobe Cream. Apply it all over for a boost of hydration and glow. And the best part is the formula is oil-free, so you can get the brightening effect without looking greasy.

Product Code: 1302536

5. FARMASI MAKE UP Dr. C Tuna Vitalizing Shampoo Garlic Extract

This garlic-infused shampoo of farmasi brand helps bolster thin, fragile hair and impart a decent shine. And while a garlic shampoo may sound a bit stunning and the garlic scent may feel like bothering you but it turns out this shampoo has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon!!

6. FARMASI MAKE UP Dr. C Tuna Calendula Face Wash

We all know that the day of skin has to start with an amazing face wash. You might want skin devoid of all possible signs of dirt, excess oil, and makeup, but doesn’t dry out your skin. This cleanser is loaded with calendula oil, comes with anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. If you have sensitive skin or want to get rid of all kinds of derm infections or save a trip to a dermatologist load a lot of these in your cart right now!!

7. FARMASI MAKE UP Dr. C Tuna Tea Tree Clay Mask

Choosing the right face mask for your skin is most important as it hydrates your skin this mask is organic and costs $11. Isn’t this what you were looking for?. Tea tree oil is used in this product which was used as a medicine a long time ago because of its germ-fighting, antibacterial, and healing powers.

8. FARMits KE UP Dr. C Tuna Age Reversist Serum

Worried if people might mention you to be older than you already are? Or your wrinkles can get in the way of all the fun you want to have in your life? Go on put this in your cart, it’s affordable and who doesn’t live with young and glowing skin?. Thus a fast absorbent hence it does not appear greasy or feels oily. And it sure produces results to have a mass following to this item.

9. FARMASI MAKE UP Dr. C Tuna Pure Rose Water

This is one of the most expensive products in this brand. The rose water is manually extracted. This contains antioxidants and it soothes the irritation and tiredness of the eyes. It is used for the face too for glow and shine. Take a cotton and dip it in Dr C tuna purpose water and put it in your eyes or wherever you want to apply.

10. FARMASI MAKE UP Dr. C Tofa Activated Charcoal Detoxifying Black Mask

Have you seen those cool black glossy things people put and post pictures all over Instagram? It’s none other than the charcoal mask. It is applied to remove dirt pollution oil and blackheads. It can be refreshing if you live in a highly polluted area and you come home tired and put this mask on. The charcoal extracts the blackheads and impurities. It also has vitamin B3 that hydrates the skin and thus scrub refreshes the skin


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