Emily Ratajkowski Diet Plan 2020 Works Best Or Not?

Before we start with the Emily Ratajkowski Diet and workout schedule, first let’s check out who is she and why she is so famous and beautiful. Then we will share about Emily Ratajkowski fitness tips and diet plan. We will also share Emily’s Favourite Clothing Brands.

Emily Ratajkowski

Who is Emily Ratajkowski?

Emily Ratajkowski is an American model and actress. She is born in Westminster, London, England on 7th June in the year 1991. This 28-year-old actress born in England but raised in San Diego. Parents of Emily, Kathleen Anne Balgley and John David Ratajkowski are from America. She started working at the age of fourteen.

She worked in various editorials, music videos and campaigns and made her professional runway modelling debut for Marc Jacobs at New York Fashion Week in 2015. Ratajkowski has been frequently named in lists that rank beauty or fashion in the media. She was rated 62 and 2 respectively in Maxim’s Hot 100 list in the year 2014 and 2015. She was also awarded as the sexiest girl in 2014  and 2015.

She has a net worth of whopping USD 6 million. She dated Jeff Magid for 4 years (2014-2018) and Andrew Dryden for 1 year (2013-2014) and finally she married Sebastian Bear-McClard (actor and producer) on February 23, 2018, in new york city courthouse wedding.

Emily Ratajkowski Body Measurements

  • Age – 28 years
  • Height – 5 feet 7 inches (170cm approx..)
  • Weight – 119 lbs ( 54 kg approx…)
  • Hair- Blonde lobs
  • Eyes – Dark Brown

Emily Ratajkowski Diet Plan

Emily Ratajkowski Diet Plan

Emily strictly follows her diet plan and a daily exercise routine. Seeing her super-slim body, the one got really curious to know about her diet plan and a few tips to stay lean. So, let’s see what Emily Ratajkowski diet plan contains:-

Break-fast And Carbs

Emily’s breakfast of the day contains carbs. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she said that Every day I go to Blacktop Coffee shop and get this pastry called kouign-Amann with my black coffee. She sometimes goes for toast or granola and yoghurt instead of that cookie.

Lunch Routine


Emily is definitely a fitness freak, but once she revealed that she is a carnivore and her love for meat is never gonna end. But as a model, she needs to balance her diet. So, along with meat, she prefers her favourites salads and sandwiches. Because greens are vital to maintaining a healthy body. And she would prefer home-made food instead of outside food fulfilled with preservatives. As Emily Ratajkowski diet contains lots of healthy eating but still while being on set, she will not go for any unhealthy food offered to her.

Snacks and Juices


Emily Ratajkowski daily diet also includes mix juices of fruits and vegetables. Sometimes she favours beet or turmeric juice. Both turmeric and beet contain antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and fibres, which is best for skin and digestive system too. Turmeric helps to brighten the skin, whereas beet purifies the blood and increase red blood cells in the body.


It’s quite difficult for her to take out time for family and friends from her busy schedule. So, instead of taking a day off to spent time with them. She prefers dinner with family and friends in local restaurants. Sometimes she opts for something little lighter and healthier like sushi. And when not in the mood, of stepping out of the house, she orders food from outside. She would go for that or Indian food while staying at home.

And the best, she cooks her own food which is the best way to stay healthy by eating healthy. She believes that instead of wasting time at the gym to reduce weight, you should mainly prefer a healthy diet. She is the kind of person who loves staying at home, ordering desired food and binge-watch her favourite serial.


Dessert is the best part of the food, and Emily Ratajkowski’s never-ending love for desserts filled her insta feed with lots of cupcakes and pastries. She said that taking a break from your strict diet and one cheat day is entirely fair. It keeps you cheerful and enthusiastic.

Emily Ratajkowski Workout Routine

Emily Ratajkowski Workout Routine
Image Source – Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski is not a fan of spending restless hours at the gym. Emily Ratajkowski’s exercise includes yoga instead of the gym, and yoga keeps her calm and healthy too. In an interview, she told that don’t being too harsh on yourself. Do what you are interested in, Dancing, Zumba, treating, meditation, playing your favourite sport will also support you in losing your weight. Above all, healthy eating is also the key to stay fit and healthy.

She said, she loves doing hiking in L.A., and she also stated that the yoga studio is situated nearby her home and she visits there once in a week. Emily Ratajkowski’ exercise and diet plan include calm yoga or refreshing dance and balanced food. She even mentioned that she does not have any personal trainer for exercising or gyming. “Blurred lines” in the year 2013 makes her star which is still shining and rising.

Makeup Tricks By Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski Makeup

Tarte cosmetics is the best cosmetic brand according to her, and she is using it in her daily go-to look. As it offers excellent mascara and Emily believes that if eyes are brushed up, then you can rock any casual look. As travelling makes your face look so dry, this Tarte cosmetics make you feel hydrated. She uses Chloe body lotion and Aquaphor to moisturises the skin.

Tip 1 – In her opinion, keeping eyebrows brushed up will keep your camera ready.

Tip 2 – Use lipstick or lip balm on cheeks as a blusher.

Tip 3 – Keep eyebrows brushed and colour your lip will make you are ready to go.

Which is Emily’s Favourite Clothing Brand?

She mentioned a few brands that she admired a lot like Celine, Alexander Wang, Givenchy, Dolce and Gabbana are the brands which she loves the most and caught wearing it many times.

Interesting Facts About Emily Ratajkowski

  •  She loves cooking but only when she gets a good company with her.
  •  She started acting at the age of 14.
  •  She is a talented ballet dancer.
  •  She appeared on the cover of international magazines like Elle magazine, Esquire magazine, Haper’s Bazaar, GQ Turkey, Vogue and Treats.
  •  She named as Women of the year in 2013 by Esquire magazine.

That’s all about Emily Ratajkowski, it includes Emily Ratajkowski workout and diet, her exciting facts, also her personal information. It comprises of few make-up tricks and supplements which help us to stay healthy and fit.

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