7 Easy Ways To Style Short Curly Hair

7 Easy Ways To Style Short Curly Hair

Curly hair is so beautiful, and having it is a blessing because you look quite impressive and out of the crowd in curly hair. Curly hair often enhances your look and compliment it. But inner, you know how hard and difficult it is to maintain good curly hair. Its styling and selection of hairstyles are quite different and severe. But still, if it always compliments your look, you must have to take care of it. Right products and appropriate styles will make your curls look even more gorgeous. Curly hair requires everything more like more care, more hydration, more patience, and more moisture.

How to Style Short Curly Hair?

When you have curly hair that too combined with short hair, it will make you look like a diva. It is easy to maintain short curly hair than long curly hair because short curly doesn’t require much styling. Use shampoos, and conditioners for curly hair because these products nourish and moisturize your curls, help to handle the frizz, and make your hair more controllable. But still, to look different in every second place or occasion, we visit we must have to look different and elegant. So, here are the 7 best short curly hairstyles you must try and kill every look. It is easy, quick, and requires fewer products.

7 Best Hairstyles For Short Curly Hair

Check these 7 best hairstyles for short hairs in 2021. You can try them at home.

1. The curly faux hairstyle

The curly faux hairstyle

This curly ponytail in front will make you party-ready in just a few minutes without using many products. This hairstyle for short curly requires a rubber band and heat protectant spray, and you are ready to kill any party look with this easy hairstyle.

2. Curly Braided puff

Curly Braided puff

This super elegant braided puff is just perfect when you have a red carpet function to attend to, and you also have short curly hair. For this, you need to have a hairdryer and few hairpins to seal the look. Just braid, braid, and braid to enhance the look.

3.Cute double-puffs

Do you have short curly hair? Did you want to look cute? Wanted to kill a natural, casual look? If the answer is yes, for all three questions, then this hairstyle is for you! This adorable two puffs hairstyle requires two rubber bands and a rat tail comb, and you are ready for a cute casual look.

4. Pull your curls

When it’s too hot outside, and your hairs are killing you, and you want to go for a hairstyle that gives you relief from this heat. Then this pulls your curls is a perfect hairstyle. All you required is one comb to pull your hair up and gel to settle it, and you are ready to rock any casual look or beach look with just two products.

5. Messy front bun

Bun? Nah! Messy Bun? A big yes! We always go for a messy bun because it looks super gorgeous and elegant. It is not confined to a particular occasion. It can rock all look whether a party look or casual look. Imagine getting party hairstyles in just minutes with few pins and get. Just take out a few flicks, and you are ready to look gorgeous.

6. Half curly bun

This half curly bun is super cute and perfect for a beach look! Just take a few hairs and tie up with the help of a rubberband and also make it a little loose it to give it a perfect look. Straighten the remaining hairs with the help of a comb. Don’t forget to apply a moisturizing cream to your hair to keep it hydrated and moisturized.

7. Curls with bangs

These fringes on the font make you date ready! With this hairstyle, you can change your look effortlessly with just a few pins, and these short curls on the back enhance the look. This fresh contemporary look will also work well in any formal outing like a conference or meeting.

How to style naturally curly hair?

Step 1 Shampoo and conditioner – As curly hair tends to dry and frizz so, you must use shampoo and conditioner, which is sulfate-free and also nourishes and hydrates your hair and keep it fresh and healthy.

Step 2 Say not to towel – Don’t use a towel after washing your hair, using a t-shirt to dry; is most appropriate because it is too light and does not let your hairs break.

Step 3 Big tooth comb – First, let your hair dry because wet hair is more prone to breakage. So, let your hair dry first and then use a big tooth comb to untangle your hair because, with this, your hair can be detangled easily, and also, there is less wreckage of hair.

Step 4 Right products – If you have curly hair, you all know that the maintenance of curly hair requires a lot of products like moisturizer, conditioner, shampoo, curl gel, protectant spray, and much more. So, Choosing and using the right products is quite necessary so that it protects your curls and does not damage them anyway.

Step 5 No heat – If not necessary, do not use much heat products for your hair as it damages it. So, less usage of products like hairdryers, straighteners, curlers, or any other products which harm the hair is not highly recommended.

Step 6 Style your hair –  Style your hair according to occasion and season. We also suggested fewer hairstyles for different circumstances and seasons.

How to style your hair after the shower?

After the shower, condition your hair to nourish it apply the gel to keep it the way you wanted it, and also detangle it with the help of a big tooth comb. Also, don’t forget to scrunch your hair with the help of your fingers to give it a perfect definition. You can go for any hairstyle you want to, and if you have short curly hair, then we have suggested a few best hairstyles that might help you out while styling your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQs)

1. Does short curly hair look okay?

Yes, definitely short curly hair look good, but the right hairstyle and haircut are quite crucial according to the face cut. When curly hairs are long, it becomes quite heavy to handle, and according to some statistics, people with short curly hair look more attractive.

2. What can I do with short frizzy, curly hair?

Gently scrunch out water with the help of your fingers, and always keep your curly hairs hydrated and moisturized. Condition your hair so curls can get adequate nourishment and also not use a towel after taking a shower as it tends to break your curls.

3. Which is the best hairstyle for curly hair?

If you ask me, almost all the hairstyles suit well with short curly hair, but still, if i have to pick one, i will definitely go for the messy bun with fringes that compliments the look and make you rock any occasion.

4. How can I bring my natural curls?

Here are the five steps to bring back your natural curls.

  • Don’t use shampoo.
  • No heat to your hair.
  • Cut damaged hair.
  • Nourish your hair.
  • Keep your hair hydrated.


Are you a short curl person? Then, this article is for you as it includes all the necessary information about curly hair styling and also different hairstyles and which occasion or outing it is most suitable and appropriate and too most important how to style short curly hair naturally? So, that’s all for this, and i hope you are satisfied with this.


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