The 10 Best Dewy Foundations for a Glowing Look

Best Dewy Foundations for a Glowing Look
Best Dewy Foundations for a Glowing Look

What is a dewy foundation?

Dewy foundation gives you extra shine, radiance, and youthful, fair skin comparison to a matte foundation. It also moisturizes, hydrates, and exfoliate your skin and gives it a natural luminous glow on your face. When you apply a dewy foundation on your face, it will make your look naturally glowing, and it feels that you have used nothing on your face. When any kind of dewy make-up we wore on our face, it will give us a shiny and glittery appearance.

Is it right to use a dewy foundation?

Dewy foundations are mostly preferred for those who have lacklustre complexion, and they needed a vibrant glow on their face. Dewy products are enriched with various hydrating and brightening ingredients, which provides you with an attractive and glowy look. It adds moisture to your dry face and makes it look radiant.

How to apply a dewy foundation?

Step 1 Cleansing – Before applying any make-up, it is mandatory to clean your face and moisturize it. So that make-up lasts for a long time and never lets your skin gets dry.

Step 2 Primer – Implement primer on your face after cleansing, as primer helps the foundation to more accessible to apply and blend.

Step 3 Foundation – Apply foundation on your face with the help of foam make-up sponge and foundation brush. Start applying foundation from the centre of your face and then spread it to nose, cheekbones, forehead, jawline, chin, and neck too and then blend appropriately with a sponge or your fingers.

Step 4 Let it dry – let the foundation gets dry for 2-3 minutes and then complete your make-up routine.

Dewy Foundations for a Glowing Look

Tips while buying a dewy foundation.

  • When you have oily skin, don’t go for this foundation.
  • Check your skin tone and skin type.
  • Use the internet any various websites to select the best suitable dewy foundation for you.
  • Also, check your undertone.
  • Always try for a foundation of the lighter shade than your skin tone.
  • While buying in a shop, not test it on your hand, test it on your jawline. It will give you more relevant results.
  • Check its coverage.

10 Best Dewy Foundation for Your Skin

Here is a list of some most popular dewy foundations for glowing skin.

1. Make-up forever ultra H.D. foundation

This best full coverage dewy foundation is lightweight and will not make your skin or face look cakey. Make-up forever foundation is suitable for all skin types and lasts for a long time. It has light-diffusing pigments and offers a flawless finish. It is available in various shades.

2. Lancome Teint Miracle foundation

This foundation from Lancome works like a miracle on the skin, and it is the best dewy foundation for dry skin because it helps you to get rid of dry skin and gives you luminous healthy skin. This lightweight formula hydrates your skin and also removes the appearance of fine lines. It contains 37% pure Water and Rose Extracts, which work unitedly to relieve the skin and reduce redness. It is a perfect foundation for sensitive skin types.

3. Estee lauder youth infusing make-up SPF- 25

This perfectionist foundation is the best dewy foundation, and also it is the best pick for mature skin as it includes various ingredients that slow down your aging process. It contains SPF-25 in it, which is best for all skin types, and it is also oil-free and non-comedogenic. This dewy foundation hydrates your skin and gives you relief from fine lines and wrinkles.

4. Clinique even better glows light-reflecting make-up SPF-15

This Clinique foundation is the best foundation for a dewy finish because the name already states an even better glow. This foundation contains vitamin- c and e, which brightens the skin and makes your skin healthy by protecting it from various harmful environment aggressors.  It also includes SPF 15 to reduce the effect of U.V. rays and hyperpigmentation.

5. M.A.C. cosmetics studio sculpt foundation

This M.A.C. cosmetics is the best foundation for a dewy glow as this product restores energy for a luminescent effect on the skin. It is a long-lasting foundation and highly recommended for people with dry skin. The foundation contains UVA and UVB protection against sun damage. This water-resistant formula offers you youthful skin and also reduce appearance from fine lines and wrinkles.

6. Urban decay naked skin foundation

This luxurious naked skin offers you radiant and bright skin when applied to your skin. This lightweight and long-lasting formula contain vitamins and minerals which hydrate and nourish the skin. It evens out skin tone and available in various shades, and you can choose accordingly.

7. NARS sheer glow foundation

This NARS sheer foundation makes your skin look uniform and radiant. It offers high coverage, and it is suitable for all skin types. This product is fragrance-free and non- comedogenic, and it contains tone-correcting turmeric extract and other vital antioxidants that protect the skin against harmful aggressors. This dermatologist-tested product hydrates your skin and offers soft texture.

8. LOreal true match foundation

This LOreal Paris foundation is the best drugstore dewy foundation as it is suitable for all skin types, whether oily or dry skin type you have. It offers you a seamless finish with full coverage. And you all know drugstore brands provide the best products at the lowest price. This product is also available to you in less than $10. This product is available in varied shade range from calm to dark.

9. Maybelline dream liquid foundation

This dream satin liquid foundation from Maybelline not only works out as a foundation to offer you dewy and glittery effect, but it also works as a hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid in it. It means you will be able to get two products in less than $10. So, what are you waiting for? Just go and grab yours! With its medium coverage, it also lessens blemishes on your face and gives you youthful skin.

 10. NYX professional liquid foundation

This NYX total control is another best drugstore dewy foundation because it comes in this dropper bottle with which we can easily control the amount of foundation we want to apply on our face. This product is best for oily skin, too, because it will not make your skin greasy after application. It feels like a velvety texture on your skin and soothes your skin.


This article includes the 10 best dewy foundations to make your skin look shiny, vibrant, and glittery. You can choose your best pick from the above-listed product, and we also stated tips to remember while buying a dewy foundation, which I hope will help you out. This also includes vital information about how to properly apply the dewy foundation step by step.

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