15 Best Women’s Jeans Brand In 2022 That You Should Know

Best Women’s Jeans Brand

In the present times, there are many women’s jeans brands available in the market, and it gets challenging to choose the perfect one and look best among the rest. Jeans are always saviours when you are confused about what to wear.

They are never outdated and look classy wherever you go. With brands, there are several types of jeans s, such as straight, skinny, boyfriend, bootcut, loose, wide, distressed, and more. We always like to be updated with the trends and prefer to get the perfect jeans we want.

So, no more compromising with quality and style as here we have come up with the top brands which offer fantastic quality and are always trendy and stylish. These are evergreen and well-known brands that are forever favourite.

List of Best Women’s Jeans Brands

So, let’s see the most popular and darling brands of jeans for women in 2022.

1. Vero Moda

We are very familiar with this brand as it is among the bestseller brands. This brand is founded by a Danish Businessman named Troels Holch Povlsen in 1975. It offers incredibly amazing products that are genuinely fashionable and uncomplicated. Also, it offers different shapes, styles, and designs, and you will get everything you want in your jeans.

Vero Moda jeans have quality material which includes organic cotton and recycled polyester. It has several kinds of jeans such as a high waist, low waist, usual jeans, flared jeans, jeggings, wide leg, loose fit jeans, straight, skinny, and whatnot.

The jeans from Vero Moda are available in every size from XXS to XXL and have various colors to offer to its customers, such as Black, denim blue, brown, white, beige, pink, grey, etc.

Price range: $7.22-$82.02

2. Levi’s

Levi’s Women Jeans

Levi’s is the most popular women’s jeans brand, which is serving its products to more than 110 countries all around the world. It is an American clothing company founded by Levi Strauss in 1853.

It is the most excellent jeans brand in apparel and also very popular for denim jeans. They first invented blue denim jeans and reinvented khaki pants.

Levi’s jeans are available in various styles, including flared, skinny, super skinny, wedgie, boyfriend, bootcut, mile high, straight, rib cage, slim, and taper.

It is an all-time favorite and most preferred brand which has enormous colors such as black, blue, red, brown, green, grey, multicolour, white, and whatnot.

Price range: $23.35-$83.41

3. Forever 21

Forever 21 Women Jeans

Forever 21 is among the best brands that offer not only quality but stylish product variety. It is founded in 1984 by Do Won Chang and jin Sook Chang. It managed to remain on the top even after so many controversies and legal issues. Forever 21 tenders apparel, home used products, accessories, and beauty products. It is also considered the best comfortable jeans brand for girls.

It has a bunch of several kinds of jeans from mom jeans to boyfriend, straight, super skinny distressed, wide-leg, loose, slim, and a lot more others. You will get any type of jeans here with extraordinary quality standards.

It is not only available in so many types but also offers so many colors to its customers, which includes dark denim, medium denim, faded denim, blue, black, grey, white, and all the trending colors in jeans.

Price range: $9.73-$36.14

4. Allen Solly

Allen Solly Women Jeans

Allen Solly is also a renowned and well-liked brand that was founded by William Hollin and Co. Ltd in 1744. It became a part of Aditya Birla in 2001. This brand is famous for adding a pop of vibrant personality to formal wear with its lists of clothing for men and women.

The jeans by Aleen Solly focuses on working women and consider all their requirements. It offers the best clothing for women’s professional wear.

Allen Solly grants several colors to its customers, which includes shades of marron, grey, white, green, olive, black, navy, brown, blue, and more.

Price ranges:$12.78-$34.75

5. Wrangler

Wrangler Women Jeans

Wrangler is among the perfect global jeans brand for ladies which founded by CC Hudson and started as Hudson Overall Company in 1904. It was renamed Blue Bell Overall Company in 1919 and, finally, named Wrangler in 1943. Its products are very appealing, and it offers the right quality products to its customers.

It has a variety of shades from darker to lighter and faded ones, and it provides impressive comfort. It is designed with a flexible material that fits your body well, and you get terrific fitting, shape, and size.

Wrangler is inevitable a go-to-brand for a long time and offers vibrant colors and all sizes to its customers.

Price range: $16.78-$41.64

6. Spykar

Spykar Women Jeans

Spykar is a very famous brand and manufactures casual wear, footwear, perfumes, and accessories. It is among the leading denim-brand which were launched in 1992 by Prasad Pabrekar. Its geans are very comfy and are known for their best designs and better quality.

It offers various types of jeans according to the trend, such as distressed, skinny, a loose fit, boyfriend, and more. You will love its quality and fitting.

Spykar also manufactures so many jeans colors that are most preferred, such as white, black, grey, charcoal, blue, and navy blue.

Price range: $12.5-$37.53

7. Pepe jeans

It is a favorite brand for casual wear and denim and was founded by three brothers in London in 1973. It is a top jeans brand for girls and women and has a good reputation in denim all around the globe.

Pepe jeans are available in so many latest trends, including tapered jeans, bootcut, straight, wide-leg, crop, flare, slim with high, low, medium, and regular waist.

Price range: $4.85-$69.51


ONLY is one among the most popular brand, and it is a part of BESTSELLER, Troels Holch Povlsen privately owns that. It is a big-named denim brand with a lot of fame and targets young girls. In India, it has 53 brand outlets and 143 shops.

It offers very appealing designs to its customers and gives excellent comfort with the fitting. It provides numerous types such as boyfriend jeans, bootcut, capris, regular, skinny, slim, dungaree, super skinny, etc.

ONLY manufactures so many different colors in jeans such as black, grey, white, red, blue, and more.

Price range: $11.11-$69.51

9. Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper is a clothing brand that is operating worldwide. It was founded by Moris Cooper and Louis Cooper in 1908. It has the best designer and latest clothing with high-quality standards.

It has a variety of jeans like Bootcut, Flare, Regular Straight, Classic Straight, Skinny, Wide leg, Slim, and also includes styles like Aline, Carol, Hoxie, Ivy, Marion, Mom, etc.

With Lee Cooper, you just do not have to adjust with standard blue and black denim as it makes sure the taste of its customers and provides numerous vibrant and happening colors such as Blue-Dark, Blue-Light, Blue-Mid, Dark-blank, Green, Grey, Pink, Red, and White.

Price range: $12.5-$37.53

10. Diesel

Diesel is considered one of the best brands for work-wear clothing. It was started by Renzo Rosso in 1978 to introduce the world to stylish and ethical quality denim. It has more than 5000 points of sale worldwide with more than 400 mono-brand stores. From 1978 to 2012, the company has 2000 washes of denim.

It has diverse types with all the common and the latest one, which includes flared, bootcut, super skinny, straight, etc. with several new styles such as Aryel, Wide, Slandy high, Slandy zip, Slandy low, D-Rifty and so on.

Also, jeans are available in colors like Dark Black, Dark Grey, White, Medium Blue, Light Grey, Light Blue, etc.

Price range:

11. Gucci jeans

Gucci jeans is a renowned brand in the jeans sector. Though it manufactures so many other things such as perfumes, handbags, clothing, and more. It was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921, and it is a million-dollar brand. It stands out in the crowd and carries a very high-level standard. The company operates from headquarters based in Florence, Italy.

It offers all the latest designs and styles trending in the market and always focuses on quality rather than quantity.

It also provides the most preferred colors to its customers, and you can just flaunt your denim jeans in front of everyone because of its well-known name.

Price range:

12. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is an American origin brand founded in 1985, and its headquarter is located at Amsterdam in Netherland. It deals with the manufacturing of not only apparel but also accessories. It offers quality material and a fantastic fit for its customers, and this is what makes it amazing.

It manufactures all kinds of jeans such as skinny, bootcut, loose, boyfriend, super skinny, slim, straight, wide-leg, and a lot more.

Also, it offers rich and vibrant colors in denim to its users and always keeps itself updated with all the trending things.

Price range:

13. Flying Machine

Flying machine is an Indian brand found in 1980 and is a part of Arvind groups. It mainly targets a group of people between 16-30 and offers incredible quality.

It offers skinny fit, regular fit, slim fit, super skinny fit, and more with an end number of styles such as straight, ripped, cropped, etc.

It provided all the casual colors and is considered a leading brand for regular use as it is very comfortable to use.

Price range: $11.12-$27.8

14. Armani Jeans

Armani Jeans is a billion-dollar private company that was founded by Sergio Galeotti and  Giorgio Armani in 1975. Its headquarters is based in Milan in Italy. It sets a statement in fashion and lifestyle and deals in producing, designing, and marketing jeans and other products. This is one of the premium Women’s Jeans brands in 2022 that comes in all shapes and sizes.

It grants so many different designs and styles in jeans with loose ones, regular, skinny, slim, and many more. It provides uncomplicated designs, clean cuts, and lines with great simplicity.

Armani jeans are available in various color and also provides many options in choosing the perfect one.

15. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is known for its astonishing designers, which makes sure the perfect fit and comfort in the product they serve. It is an American origin company founded by Calvin Klein in 1968. It operates from its headquarters based in New York City in the United States. Calvin Klein is the best women jeans brand with premium-quality cloths.

It is a well-known brand which provides an amazing and flexible fitting and will make sure that you feel comfortable wearing these pair of jeans.

Clavin Klein offers colors like black, brown, white, grey, and makes sure that colors don’t fade away by wash and lasts long.


Here, we have covered all the top designers’ jeans brands lists for women, and these are the evergreen and best ones. If you get one pair of jeans from any of these brands, it is sure that you do not have to look at those jeans for years. These are the most prominent and popular brands worldwide, which set high-quality standards.

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