20 Bright Summer Nail Arts and Nail Polish Designs in 2023

Bright Summer Nail Arts and Nail Polish Designs

And once again summer is here. As you all know summer is all about florals, beaches, vacationing with family and friends. When the summer is close, all we imagine is a great evening on a beach breeze touching our body and we are enjoying our summer like never before. And nail art is also there to make your beach day more interesting and it is also the way to amaze people with your summery nail arts.

Nail art is trending massively nowadays. Nail art is a creative way to paint and decorate your nails. It is a type of artwork that is to be done on fingernails or toenails.

Nail art helps you to enhance the beauty of your nails. Every woman out there is seeking the help of manicures and pedicures to increase the beauty of their nails. They are not only just clean and trim your nails but also apply beautiful nail polish.

Many girls also prefer beautiful nail art on their nails. There are many vibrant, colourful, and exciting nail arts waiting for you this summer. Sunny yellow, neon, pastel purple, sandy pink, lime green are the nail polish shades which is mainly used in summer.

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Summer shades are not about nude shades but it includes bright and vibrant shades of nail polish which gives you summery vibes.

How to apply nail art at home

Now here I have easy and quick instruction on how to apply nail art step by step on your fingernails as well as toenails.

  1.  First of all remove the old nail polish if you have applied it.
  2. After that, trim and file you nails and do not make it too short.
  3. Then, apply a basecoat. Basecoats are usually bluish in colour. It helps your nails from getting damaged. Then leave it to get dry.
  4. Place a French sticker on that part of nails which you do not want to polish. Select two complimentary colours if you want it more interesting.
  5. Then, apply cute, glittery stickers to your nails with the help of glue if you want to do it.
  6. Then, in the last step you have to apply glittery shade of nail paint to give it a sparkling effect or can also make different designs with the help of nail polish or different stickers.

You are done with applying nail art on your nails and ready to rock and roll.  But it also creates confusion among girls of which design or shade or sticker to use.

So, we are always there to help you and take you out of this confusion. Here is the list of 20 nail art designs for this summer.

1. Tropical tree nail art.

This tropical tree is just perfect for summer in order to give you a beach feeling. And we also that black is always trending and didn’t leave any chance to amaze us.

2. Neon green

 As we all know that neon has made a powerful comeback and has been trending for the past few months. Neon green is calm and vibrant at the same time.

3. Sunflower floral print nail art.

Yellow is the colour of summer and florals too. And this sunflower print nail art gives us major floral vibes this summer.

4. Pink and orange flame nail art

Summer is hot and so does this nail art is. The pink and orange combination of shades make it look bright and hot too. And I’m really mesmerised by this flame nail art.

5. Geometric matte blue nail art

Royal blue always gives a royal look. Other than that, these matte finishes and geometric prints on it makes it look more versatile.

6. Gorgeous green

We only tend to apply bright colours to our nails. But this subtle green shade left no chance to astonish us. And that black print on the nail paint adds feather to its beauty.

7. Beach vibes

For this, I must say that this is made for summer. What’s describe better summer than hot clouds, tropical trees and beach. This is definitely just perfect for summer and the beach.

8. Leopard print nail art

This look is quite simple, calm yet very attractive. And these animal prints will never go out of trends. This look is perfect for any casual outing.

9. Cute emoji nail art

Please don’t tell me this cute emoji nail art didn’t make you go aww. You will get childish, summery, and colourful vibes with this nail art. And pink always gives you a calm feeling.

10. Black and white striped nail art

This black and white striped nail art gives us some major formal vibes. And the cute little flowers adds to its beauty which makes it even more beautiful.

11. Vibrant nail art

This colourful and beautiful nail art will make the look quite bright and summery. And the wavy white print on it makes it more attractive. It is also giving us rainbow-like feels.

12. Garden theme nail art

Yes, we all know that summer is full of bright colors. But it cannot be stated that we shouldn’t apply calm colors to the nails in summers.

13. Sea blue shade nail art

After all this, different nail art ideas here I come with a simple one shade nail polish. It is minimal yet attractive.

14. Sparkling galaxy nail art

After all bright nail art, presenting you this sparkling nail art will make you Party ready. It cannot be said that in summers we can’t do parties. It also makes us look glittery.

15. Pinkish unicorn nail art

This cute unicorn nail art is making me go crazy over this. Maybe, it will be with you too. The combination of blue and pink nail shades increases its beauty. Also, it has stars, diamonds which will make it children appropriate.

16. Graffiti nail art

This graffiti nail art is all the way different from all others. It says “follow your heart” which is the absolute truth if we have to live a happy life. It is followed by pastel pink shade nail pink.

17. Aqua blue floral nail art

This blue floral nail art design is all we need to get ready for summer. It also has green leaves which makes it summer appropriate. This bright and vibrant aqua floral looks amazing on your nails.

18. Acrylic nail art

We have seen vibrant and calm shades of nail polish. Here is acrylic nail art for the summery yet attractive. I definitely agree that nudes are not for summer but the combination of nude and florals are best for summer.

19. Light dark combination nail art

The combination of dark black and pastel blue shade our hearts from us. And that glitters on the lighter shade is increasing its beauty even more.

20. Colourful nail shades

The images we saw above is a combination of two or three shades but this includes 10 different shades on hand. This is so vibrant that it is just perfect for summer. You can choose colours accordingly.

So, here is the complete list of 20 super attractive nail art designs. I think this adjective is not able to describe how beautiful these nail art designs are.

Now, I will tell you my favourite among these 20 nail arts. It is quite difficult to select that which is best among. I think that graffiti nail art is quite versatile and beautiful because the text written is true and also the combination of colours is matched perfectly.

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