Best Lash Extensions Tips In 2023 That You Should Know

Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a type of cosmetic that is used to enhance the length and thickness of your natural eyelashes.  But you should know how to use it. Here are some useful Lash Extension Tips for everyone. It’s every girl’s dream to make her lashes long and beautiful, but some can’t achieve it, but extensions eye-lashes are the solution to all your problems and help you to make your lashes long and elegant.

Eyelashes will help you to add strength to your natural lashes, and you need not have to apply mascara after that. After you applied lashes, it feels absolute light-weight, and it is also water-resistant and also worth it to offer you the most elegant look and attract others into your eyes.

According to some technicians, you must apply for fake eyelashes extensions by attaching tiny lashes one by one to create a natural look. But everyone has a fear that fake lashes will ruin their natural eyelashes, but this is just a myth. It will not spoil it until and unless you have not applied it appropriately. And don’t rub your eyes too often or try to pull it with force because these can be the reason which affects your eyelashes.

Steps To Apply Eyelash Extensions

Please follow these steps to take care of your Lashes. If you have any confusion then comment below.

1. Collect The Essentials

If you have to apply for lashes extensions, then you first need to collect all the which is required to attach it like lash adhesive, eyelash extensions, eyelash brush, adhesive remover and slant tweezer.

2. Trim The Eyelash Strips

Trim The Eyelash Strips

The lashes you had purchased is not of the same size as your eyelid, so to make its volume the same you have to trim the fake extension according to the size of your eye-lid.

3. Clean Your Natural Lashes

Before applying fake lashes, you must first clean your natural lashes, and they shouldn’t be wet. You can clean your lashes with the help of make-up remover and wash it with warm water and don’t forget to dry it.

4. Applying Adhesive

If you are doing it for the first time, take help from your friend or any other person, and in this, you have to start from the outside corner of your eye and since it contains 8-9 lashes in its start with your most extended extensions the first with a bit of lash adhesive onto a smooth surface. Then with the help of tweezers grab your first cluster and dip the tied end in the resin.

5. Application Of Eyelashes

With closed eyes release the artificial lash over your natural lash, closer to the base of your eyelashes. After applying a fake extension to your lashes, it takes nearly 1 minute for the glue to get settled. Make sure that the paste should only touch your lash, and not your skin because it will cause irritation to your eyes or skin. You have to start from the biggest extension starting from the outside corner and then come to the inside edge, gradually decreasing the size of extensions.

6. Let The Glue Dry

After all the lashes are applied adequately to your eyes, sit still with closed eyes for 3 to 5 minutes and also do not use mascara or any eye-make-up product for a few minutes until it gets dry.

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Some Useful Eye Lash Extension Tips

I stated to you earlier that if you have not applied for eye extensions rightly then it any cause damage to your eyelashes and also after using if proper care is not to be taken later. Also, it will harm your or your lashes. It will lead to irritation to your eyes and by twisting and poking around your eyes. But you don’t have to worry about it. We’ll share the best extension tips with you to apply it properly and take care of it.

1. No Water Application For 2 Days

In the initial two days, you must not apply water to your eyelashes extensions after you have used it.

2. Don’t Apply Water Forcefully To Your Lashes

You don’t have to apply water on the initial two days, and even after two days, you must not apply water forcefully to your eyelashes because your fake lashes cannot be able to bear the pressure of water and it will fall out. Also, you have to brush your lashes after bathing or washing your face with water to remove the water.

3. Sleep On Your Back Or Side

If you are the one who sleeps on your stomach, then you have to change your position of sleep, you have to either sleep on your back or on the side because sleeping on your stomach will pressurise the eyelash extensions and lead to breakage.

4. Don’t Touch Or Rub Your Lashes

Don’t touch and rub your eyes because it will weaken you and will fall or break out from your eyes and will also cause damage to your natural eyelashes. You can clean it with the help of a cloth. When you touch your lashes, always use them in an upward motion, and if you feel it with your fingers, you must be aware of the fact that you are converting natural oils into germs.

5. Be Careful While Applying And Removing Make-Up

After applying for eyelash extensions if you have to use eye-make-up then, be careful while applying and also at the time of removing you must have to be gentle with your hand and extensions. If you have to apply mascara then, always go for a mascara spoolie or eye-shadow brush.

6. Take Care Of Your Eyelashes

Clean your extensions regularly using a mild cleanser and also use a lash brush to eliminate remaining dirt and oils. Also, Avoid excess oil in makeup products which leads break down lash glue. Make sure that no excess moisture remains on your lashes. Even after the first day, use lukewarm water when you wash your face.

7. Take Time To Apply For Your Eyelash Extension

This is the best extension tip, and it is always necessary to apply these complicated things slowly because if not applied properly then it will make your eyelashes look messy and fake. There are lots of things to be applied in this process and you have to apply each of the equipment appropriately. It is nearly almost 2 hours to complete the entire process because it is too tedious to apply each extension in glue and let it dry for a few minutes. But if you want proper and natural eye-lashes then this process is mandatory.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How long do lash extensions last?

It usually lasts for 6 to 8 months if proper care is taken and it all depends upon how you look up to it and how you take care of it. If proper consideration is not taken then it might not stay for even 1 week.

How much do lash extensions cost?

Starting from $40 to even $600 it can cost you it all depends upon the products you choose, the location you choose and the technician you prefer to consult with. You can even apply free of cost sitting at your home watching some tips on google or youtube.

How to remove lash extensions at home?

There are quite a lot of ways to remove it, here I am recommending you few of them.

  • Remove it with the help of make-up remover.
  • Use coconut or olive oil to remove it.
  • Wash your face with luke-warm water and moisturize it.

Which are the best eyelash extensions?

According to our research, Beau Lash is the best eyelash extension because of its Professional Esthetician Hydrogel Eye Patches. and also it contains natural ingredients like vitamin C and aloe vera.


In this article, all the necessary and required information on how you have to apply for eye-lash extensions and also best tips regarding taking care of your eyelash extensions and what will be the circumstances if not applied properly and what steps we have to look into so that it will not affect our natural as well as fake eye-lashes. We also solved some of your frequently asked questions which might explain your extension regarding queries.

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